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A brand new smiting!

November 28, 2012

Anjem Choudary

So far on Two She Bears, I have been picking on Christians.  The reasons for this are twofold.  First, I pick on Christian groups more because I know more about Christianity than I do about Islam or Judaism.  Second, I live in a nation and a culture that is primarily Christian.  Not only is my own nation, the United States, primarily Christian, but most of the foreign nations that get covered by our media are Christian as well.  This means that on the whole Christianity just gets more coverage in my news feeds than Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.

Today, however, I have found a Muslim very deserving of castigation on Two She Bears, and that Muslim is Anjem Choudary.

Much has been made of Choudary’s past in the British press.  Now a fanatical radical Muslim, he was once a big-time partier and womanizer.  But that doesn’t really concern me and I mention it only because someone will probably bitch at me if I don’t.  People change, and just because Choudary spent his youth as a huge douche, we shouldn’t judge his current actions to be particularly hypocritical for that.  If he was still a big-time partier and womanizer, that would certainly qualify him as a hypocritical bastard (and would hopefully also get him beaten to death by the folks he hangs around with now – but I digress).

Malala Yousufzai

The thing I want to focus on, and the thing that makes Choudry eligible for the loving attention of two large, angry, female ursids, is this.  Yes, Choudary is the latest in a line of people trying to murder Malala Yousufzai, the 15-year-old Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for the crime of not wanting to be an ignorant baby machine.

I don’t think that my selection for Mr. Choudary as a target for two ravenous bears really needs a whole lot of explanation.  Certainly everyone involved in the persecution and attempted murder of this brave young woman  is at best truly horrible and misguided.  Some of them may be horrible and misguided because they have been taught to be horrible and misguided by authorities of their particularly twisted brand of religion.  But religious activists and leaders such as Mr. Choudary are uniquely horrible and misguided because they not only accept the ridiculous notion that their deity would want them to go around shooting 15-year-old girls in the head, but they insist on teaching, spreading, and enforcing this insanity to other people who, left to their own devices, would probably shrug at the idea of girls going to school and go back to living their lives.

Now Mr. Choudary is off to Pakistan to try to get some sort of Fatwa going against Malala.  Should he succeed, no doubt an even larger price will be put on her head, and she will be forced to live much of the remainder of her life in hiding with bodyguards, as Salman Rushdie and Ayan Hirsi Ali do.

Mr. Choudary, you utter turd.  You monster.  You parasite.  You coward.  You dog.  For shame.  For shame.  I cannot help but notice that you wish to travel out of Britain before doing your evil work.  Why is that, I wonder?  Could it be because your religious devotion only extends as far as convincing other people to shoot children, not so far that you would consider accepting the consequences of inciting violence against others?  You seem unafraid of the idea of getting someone else to commit murder, but I judge that you yourself fear the consequences of threatening a young girl with harm.

You are unworthy of your role as a speaker for Islam, Mr. Choudary.  In fact, you are unworthy of having anything to do with a person of real courage, virtue, and forsight.  You are unworthy to judge Malal Yousufzai.  But she judges you Mr. Choudary, and that is what you fear most.  She judges you and those like you as being creatures lurking in the darkness of primitive superstition, and she is not afraid to walk away from the reeking cave in which you and your kind dwell, even at the risk of her own life, to show others still trapped that there is a world of light outside waiting for them, if only they will follow.

And they will.  Some this generation.  More the next.  And the next.  Until you and those like you find yourselves isolated in the darkness, wallowing in the crap that you have tried to pass off as gold – powerless, voiceless, and the objects of the laughter and mockery that terrify you, rather than of fear and obedience that you so crave.  You can’t murder freedom Mr. Choudary.  It is bigger than you, stronger than you, vaster than your hatred and smallness and egotistical self-importance.  It is more powerful than your ignorant interpretation of your religion.  It will grow – it is already growing – within the Muslim world.  The Arab Spring is only the beginning of it.  It WILL find you and yours eventually, and will shove you, no matter how hard you may struggle against it with your chest pounding and your hatred and your guns, into obscurity.

This installment of Two She Bears is brought to you by Tirmidhi #4977

The Prophet Muhammad said: “A father gives his child nothing better than a good education.”


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