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Malala Gets Mail!

July 18, 2013

Remember Malala Yousafzai?  She was the naughty, naughty girl who did things like read and go to school and stuff.  Naughty things that the Taliban didn’t like.  The Taliban tried to communicate this dissatisfaction with Malala’s behavior to her and instruct her on how to act differently through the expedient and efficient method of killing her dead, but obstinant person that she is, Malala refused the Taliban’s offered assistance in dying, going to hell, and burning for all eternity, and with the help of some very evil doctors, survivied.    Recently, she even got to go before the UN on her 16th birthday and make a speech.

Well, Malala just got a letter from a very important person!  She got mail from Adnan Rashid, a commander in the Taliban.  Wow!  Malala must be very important now – previously the Taliban had only sent her bullets.

You can read about this heartwarming story here.

I suppose I could go on about this – how this guy is crazy.  About how even while saying how sorry he is, he won’t say that the Taliban did the wrong thing.  But seriously.  If you read the article linked above, you know what a sad and pathetic gesture this was.  The whole letter struck exactly the wrong tone between faux sympathy and faux religion and faux regret.  The only clear feeling that comes through in the letter is that Adnan Rashid wishes devoutly ant Malala’s brains had been spattered in all directions during the initial attack, and this whole thing had at worst been one more regrettable incident of foreigners doing inexplicably weird things to one another, instead of putting a cute, photogenic 15-year-old on the front page of Time Magazine and later in front of the UN to talk about the importance of education for woman’s equality.

Adnan Rashid – you are pathetic.  I could send two she-bears upon you.  But there is already something worse – far worse – to haunt your darkest dreams and incite your worst fears.


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