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I keep coming back to it

August 27, 2014

Matthew Durham


I keep coming back to the banality of evil, and the stupidity of those who practice it within a religious context.

Meet Matthew Durham, a missionary from Oklahoma, who has been accused of molesting and raping children in an orphanage in Kenya while he was working there.  According to court documents he has confessed verbally, in writing, and on video to his crimes.

So he’s a pedophile.

Matthew, however, claims that he is not REALLY a pedophile because it wasn’t him that did all the raping and molesting.  It was a demon.  Named Luke.

Probably not that Luke.

Luke the demon would periodically pop up and take over Matthew’s body, using it for rapey, molesty purposes before departing, leaving Matthew traumatized and with shaken faith.  Matthew prayed, and prayed and prayed about the whole “possessed by rapey demon” thing, but was powerless against the Force powers of Luke.

Matthew’s attorney, however, has a different story.  According to him, Matthew never actually did these things (not even in the proximate “I-was-possessed-by-a-rapey-demon” way he claimed).  Instead, Matthew was the victim of dark, voodoo magic that made him THINK (and later confess) to all these horrible activities that he imagined himself as having done, but hadn’t ACTUALLY done.  Poor Matthew was the true victim here.

So before I get into my rant, a quick question:  if you knew that you were periodically possessed by a demon who used your body to rape and molest children, and you knew that you were incapable of stopping this demon from possessing you and raping and molesting children, wouldn’t you – as a decent human being – try to get AS FAR AWAY FROM CHILDREN AS POSSIBLE during those times when you weren’t possessed?  It just seems like common courtesy to me. 

Probably also not the correct Luke

What is it about using religious belief to excuse such vile behavior?  Well, here’s the secret – it works.  Once you have enough people out there who really, truly, honest-to-god BELIEVE, because their religion tells them to, that there are these evil, supernatural creatures out there that can possess people and make them do all sorts of bad stuff, then suddenly Matthew’s story, far from sounding like the desperate made-up bullshit excuse of a raving madman and pedophile, suddenly and magically SEEMS REASONABLE!  Well of COURSE if there are demons out there, they are going to possess people – and there are and they do because it SAYS SO right there in the BIBLE!  And if these demons are possessing people, then obviously the people they are possessing have diminished culpability, right?  I mean sure Matthew can be held accountable for his lack of faith, which allowed the demon in.  But the DEMON is responsible for actually raping and molesting those children.

Lack of faith – not a crime.

Raping and molesting children – crime.

Matthew’s attorney tried essentially the same argument, but using voodoo instead of Christian demons.  

This is stupid stuff.  This is nonsense.  This is pure fantasy, made-up fairy tale magic and as long as we see religious people continuing to espouse, or accept, such nonsense that brand of religion can’t be seen as having any more legitimacy than primitive animism or reading chicken entrails.

So two bears for Matthew Durham for making up such a chicken-shit fable to try to deny responsibility for his actions, and two more for his attorney for running with it.


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