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What is “Jesus Can’t Have Nice Things”?

What is “Jesus Can’t Have Nice Things?”   Why does it exist?

This blog is me spouting off about terrible things done by religious people.  It focuses exclusively on the bad.  There will seldom, if ever, be posts about bake sales to raise money for cancer, religious communities banding together to solve problems, ecumenism, stuff like that.

Instead this blog concentrates on wretched things that religious people do – often in the name of their religion but sometimes just because they are horrible people.  More importantly though it focuses on the willingness that religious communities have to forgive and forget such awful behavior.  Lets be clear – every organization is going to have awful people in it, religious or otherwise.  There are awful teachers, there are awful baby sitters, there are awful firemen, there are awful nurses, and on and on and on.  What is so often true in religions, it seems to me is the willingness of the community to cover up such awful people, to let them in fact continue being awful people, to even allow them to continue representing their religion as leaders (both spiritual and secular) as they continue to be awful.

There are two things that this site most definitely is not.  First, despite the focus, it is not an attempt to say that all religious people are awful or crazy or evil.  The vast majority of people who practice religion are neither demons nor saints but ordinary folks doing the best that they can to get through life.  This site is not about them, but it does not deny their existence.  I am sure that there are many spiritually uplifting sites for those who are religious to go to that tell heartwarming stories about religious people doing wonderful things, being kind, helping others, etc.

Second, it is not a place that provides a balanced view.  This is a site not about the good and the bad of religion, but about the bad.


Religions (specifically Christianity here in the United States, but other religions elsewhere) enjoy a privileged position in almost all societies.  There are still a few states that are officially theocracies, and more that actually have a state sponsored religion.  And the fact is that people or organizations that occupy a place of privilege in society have the luxury of largely discounting criticism that comes from outside.  This blog is an attempt to provide a concentrated critique of religion, in the hope that the issues raised here will rise to a level that is less easily ignored or discounted.  By bringing them to the attention of others, most specifically the religious, it is my hope that they will become aware of problems that they may have difficulty seeing from inside their organization, and becoming aware of them, take steps to repair them.  It is an attempt to provide an external view into problems that really can only be solved internally.  Though I am no longer religious myself, it is my hope that this blog can, in fact, be of service to those who are.  The prophets were largely outsiders who instituted change in their societies from the outside.  While I don’t even hope to compare myself to them, I hope this blog will, in a very minor way, provide the same function,

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