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Groping pervert

George Boak

Meet George Boak.  George is a Christian faith healer.  He was also just recently convicted of groping some of his female patients while his wife of 34 years was in another room.

During the trial, George apparently showed a continued lack of remorse about the matter, made up stuff about the phenomena of “phantom hands” that he had “heard about”, but which the judge called “a significant lie.”

George wasn’t particularly bright.  As a Christian faith healer, George should have known the first cardinal rule of swindling the faithful – when you get caught, show great remorse!   It’s a virtue – how can you argue against virtue?  George should have been really, really sorry, should have used words like “weakened” and “wrong” and “confused”.  George should have repeated a request for “forgiveness” – a lot – over and over again.  Maybe invoked the power of the Messiah, Lord Jesus, to forgive sins (that might have overplayed his hand though, so he would need to be careful).

Contrition plays well both to the Christian community and to judges.

In any event, George is off to do a two-year stint in jail, and will be on the registered sex offender list for the next ten years.  Personally, I think that the two-year jail stint is a bit lenient, but I guess now that it is no longer possible to transport him to Tasmania or put him on a prison hulk somewhere, it’s the best that the British penal system can do – and really, the Tasmanians shouldn’t have to put up with him anyway.

Since George was caught, and convicted, and is being punished, I don’t feel that he qualifies for two she-bears.  He doesn’t quite deserve to be rent limb from limb by angry ursids.  So instead I send to George a tank full of man-eating seals.  Perhaps, like Thecla, he can leap boldly into his new life, and use it for good, to turn things around.

If not, there are always the seals.


Boko Haram

Such friendly looking fellows….

Meet Boko Haram.  Boko Haram is a militant Jidadic Muslim…  excuse me, “Nigerian cultural group”,  which has been operating in Nigeria for some time now.  I could blather on about them, but probably everything I could tell you about Boko Haram you can find on Wikipedia, so go to it.  The important takeaway here is the name – “Boko Haram” is a Hausa phrase meaning “Western Education is Sinful”.

Boko Haram would like to change the things that Nigerians learn in schools, and how they learn them.  Consequently, like good citizens of their nation, they get themselves on School Boards and education councils, lobby their government for change, and do their best to persuade others to adopt their views.

Oh wait – no they don’t.  They attack schools, shoot children and teachers, and set fire to buildings with kids inside of them, burning them alive.

Boko haram west africa

Oh, and for those of you out there of the Christian persuasion, they also happily and blow up members of religions other than theirs, and are known for such civic activities as gunning down clergy and attacking religious services.

Again, I am forced to ask – just what sort of crazy indoctrination does it take to convince perfectly good mammals to go around burning children alive?  Seriously!  How do they do it?  Is there a class – “Callousness 101” – that these people go through?  Do they get locked in a cage starved, and periodically have five-year-olds come in and beat them, like folks do to make dogs mean?  What?

I am very pleased to say that despite ongoing horrors committed by Boko Haram, the civil authorities of Nigeria are making a major effort to fight back against these bastards.

“Fear Allah the almighty and be just and fair to all your children.”
– Abu Bakr

More than enough

This is Suhair al Bata’a.  She was thirteen last month when some insane people cut off portions of her genitals in the name of their religion.  Suhair al Bata’a’s blood pressure crashed, and she died.

It is common after genital mutilation for the family to throw a party.  I bet that Suhir’s death really let the helium out of their balloons.

Female genital mutilation has been outlawed in Egypt since 2008 (and yes, you SHOULD be thinking “Only since 2008?  It was legal in one of the more progressive nations in the Middle East until 2008?”) but in rural areas it is estimated that the incidence may still run as high as 75%.

Here’s a charming article on the subject.  For your reading pleasure, a nice Egyptian grandmother speaks with pride about how she has made sure all her granddaughters have portions of themselves hacked off at age 11.

For those who still perpetrate this repulsive and inhumane practice in the name of their twisted version of religion –

“IT’S ON!”

Enough! (Bonus track)

As an added bonus, enjoy this interview with Sheikh Yussef al-Badri on the topic of female circumcision.

Mmmmmmm… tasty Sheikh!

Enough! (NSFW)

Female genital mutilation.

OK, that does it.  I am sick of this shit.  I am weary to the bone.  I am tired of listening to the pathetic excuses of accomodationists and the whines of people afraid to confront wrongdoing in the name of some sort of misguided cultural universalism.  They make me want to throw up.

To be clear – I understand that not all Muslims are some sort of sick, twisted religio-cultural nutbags who are so wrapped up in their insane magical world that they are willing to cut pieces out of their children in the name of their make-believe deity.  I have nothing but respect for those who have at least seen their way through the more warped, bizarre, and cruel historical aspects of their religion and have sought to end practices like genital mutilation, in the same way I have respect for Christians who have seen their way through the more warped, bizarre, and cruel historical aspects of THEIR religion and have sought to end practices such as discrimination against minorities, slavery, the subjugation of women, and bias against LGBTQ.

If your personal religious belief does not include the above practices and beliefs, you have my personal thanks, the thanks of the 21st century world, and should be proud of yourself and your religious beliefs for being open to modification.

The rest of you can fuck off.

But I am not actually writing today about the sick pieces of filth who can actually wrap their brains around the concept of going after their children with razor blades, scissors, and carving knives in the name of and for the sake of their idea of religion.  No.  I understand completely – every religion has its fruitcake, dumbass, morally twisted minority.  Roman Catholicism has its insane coverups of decades worth of child molestation.  Many Southern Baptists still think that women are subservient to men.  Orthodox Jews in Israel spit on and harass women in the streets. Even relatively benign organizations such as the United Methodist Church discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

No, what I am talking about here is accommodation.  That idea that somehow we ought to leave the perpetrators of such horrible activities alone, either because of some weird idea that such heinous activities are OK because they are part of some cultural framework, or because its just easier and less disruptive to let them keep doing it than it is to make an effort to stop it.

Here’s the article that got me started today.  First let me say “good for you Britain” for at least taking some steps to end the horrible practice abroad.  But seriously – WTF?  Twenty-thousand children at risk for female genital mutilation?  One-hundred-forty-eight cases on record and not a SINGLE prosecution or child placed in the child protection register?

To quote a Home office spokesman cited in the article:

“There is no justification for female genital mutilation. It is child abuse and it is illegal.

“We are absolutely clear that political or cultural sensitivities must not get in the way of preventing and uncovering this terrible form of criminal activity. The law in this country applies to absolutely everyone.”

It’s clear.  It’s simple.  It’s child abuse.

It isn’t some case of religious freedom.  It’s child abuse.

It isn’t a matter of respect for cultural traditions and activities.  It’s child abuse.

It isn’t something that we should turn a blind eye to for fear of upsetting some group – particularly not a group of violent, blood-soaked sickos more concerned about their primitive religious doctrine than the welfare of their children.

It’s child abuse.

And it’s child abuse that has been going on, in spite of it having been illegal since 1985, because the people who are in charge of stopping it have been turning a blind eye rather than upset the various communities of mutilators.

So to the British Home Office, and those who are working diligently to end the practice of FGM worldwide, my thanks, my gratitude, and my praise for whatever its worth – you are fighting a good fight, and one that needs to be fought.

To those who have turned a blind eye to it in Britain, to those who talk of accommodation, to those who make excuses for the practice, who make excuses for its practitioners, who make excuses for allowing it to continue – two she-bears for you.  Two she-bears armed with scissors, razor blades, and carving knives.

Female Genital Mutilation instruments.

Bishop Ira Hillard

Bishop Ira V. Hilliard of the New Light Church in Houston, Texas

Meet Bishop Ira Hillard of the New Light Church in Houston Texas.  The New Light Church in Houston Texas is a very large church – located in of all places, Houston Texas (New Light actually has facilities all over Texas, I am given to understand).  They do big, megachurchy things, preach their big, megachurchy business, and pretty much go around doing their religious thing in that sort of “cross between a religious institution and a Pink Floyd Concert” way that megachurches have which I personally am not into, but what do I know?

Recently, it was discovered that the New Light Church in Houston Texas’s helicopter was in need of repairs.  OK – I know what you are thinking.  Old Saint Paul’s Episcopal church back in Oroville couldn’t even keep up the maintenance and insurance on it’s church van way back when – what the hell does a church need a helicopter for?  But in fairness, Texas is large, and if your church has facilities scattered all over it then you might need a helicopter to get around (and a jet…  and a hanger to store them in…  but I digress).

Anyway, the church helicopter needed some repairs, and that an upgrade of the rotor blades on said helicopter would save the church some money in the long run and so Bishop Ira V. Hilliard sent out a letter to the faithful, informing them that the church needed money to upgrade the rotors on the helicopter.  Again, OK – well and good.  If a church, particularly one with a congregation larger than the crew of an aircraft carrier, needs help with its aviation expenses, then the members of the congregation should pitch in and help finance the upgrade.

But Bishop Ira V. Hilliard didn’t just send out a letter to the congregation saying “Hey everyone, the church helicopter needs an upgrade and it would save us money that we could use to purchase a seat on the Dragon so that we could be the first church to have a facility in orbit over Texas” or something similar.  No.

Dear Friend in Jesus

Do you need better transportation?  Does your car need repair or total replacement?  Do you have a dream vehicle or luxury automobile you long to purchase?  Are you trying to sale a car, truck, or SUV?  If you answered “yes” to any of these please carefully read the rest of this letter!  It could change your life!

Yes indeedy!  Bishop Ira V. Hilliard is asking for money specifically from people who need money in order to repair, replace, or upgrade their transportation!  The letter goes on

It is one of the most powerful game changing principles in the Scripture and I’ll be teaching on it real, real soon.  I have used this Scriptural principle for specific favor over and over to see desired pursuits shift in my favor.  Its about sowing into a particular Kingdom situation to impact a similar need in your personal life.

So correction – Bishop Ira V. Hilliard is not asking for money from people who need money in order to repair, replace, or upgrade their transportation – he’s asking for money specifically from people who have, to date, been unsuccessful at raising money to repair, replace, or upgrade their transportation.  I cannot help but note that he is also promising to teach upon this important game changing principle of Scripture (and I don’t even think I know what “principle in Scripture” means in this context) “real, real soon.”   Which makes me wonder….

as a former Reverend and now Bishop of a large congregation, why hasn’t he taught this powerful game changing principle ALREADY???  Has he been saving it as some sort of special treat?  Did he feel that his congregation wasn’t ready for it yet?  Did he have controlling interest in a string of garages and automotive dealerships and worry it would suffer?  IF THIS WAS SUCH A POWERFUL PRINCIPLE, WHY DIDN’T HE TEACH ABOUT IT BEFORE THE HELICOPTER NEEDED FIXING?

Bishop Ira V. Hilliard goes on to explain why the church needs their helicopter fixed, and that it will save them some money if they move on it now.  Then…

I believe with all my heart that this message is for you and your doing something today is the key to releasing this favor on your transportation situation.  Send me the transportation need or dream you have by completing the online petition when you sow a $52.00 transportation favor seed believing in 52 days or 52 weeks you will experience breakthrough favor!  I’m looking for your name on my Special Friends list so I can agree with you in prayer.

“Transportation favor seed”?  “Special Friends list?”

This is a scam.

This, Bishop Ira V. Hilliard, is not even an attempt to be honest and forthright with your congregation.  This is an attempt to prey upon those within your congregation who actually NEED money.  Because their transportation isn’t running, or runs really badly, or is inadequate to their needs.

Now maybe, just maybe you believe this stuff.  But I don’t think so.  I think that if you really believed it, you would have taught this so-called important “Scriptural principle” to your congregation long ago.  I think that if you really believed it then it would have come up before your helicopter needed some spiffy new blades.  But most of all I think that if you really believed it, you would USE IT YOURSELF INSTEAD OF CONNING YOUR CONGREGATION INTO BELIEVING IN SOME SORT OF FUTURE BLESSING WHILE YOU WALK AWAY WITH THE CASH!

I notice, Bishop Ira V. Hilliard, that you don’t advocate that your megachurch make some sort of special donation to public transit or a non-profit providing transportation for those with mobility issues, secure in the knowledge that your game changing Scriptural principle would thereby assure you of the funding needed for your helicopter upgrade.  No.  YOU want cash and YOU want it on the barrel head.  Right the hell now.

Bishop Ira Hillard of the New Light Church in Houston Texas, such parasitic, blatantly cynical, hypocritical behavior on your part makes you truly deserving of a visit from two she-bears.

I hope they steal your helicopter.

You can find a complete copy of the letter here.


Russian Lawmakers Back Jail Terms for Insulting Religion


Dear Russian Duma,

Seriously?  You are going there?  Anti-blasphemy laws?  Seriously?

You people are idiots.

Or maybe you aren’t.  Actually its a slick move in some respects.  It gives a nod to the growing Muslim minority in Russia, giving them the power now to prosecute people who complain about them when they behave badly, and it gives Vladimir Putin  the hammer he needs to beat down dangerous, influential, threatening, monolithic threats to his government – like Pussy Riot.

So, once again we see preference for religion turned into a tool for suppression of dissenting views.  You would think that religious people would not be particularly keen on this sort of thing happening.  But it appears that the conditions under which our nation settled on a separation between church and state, and moreover determined that the right to the separation itself was more important than the rights of either church or state, are increasingly uncommon today.  And it isn’t just in Russia – here in the States we have real live government officials talking openly about the idea that freedom of religion applies only to their own religion.  It’s like some weird restating of Henry Ford – you can have any religion you want, as long as it’s mine.

Everybody loves to feel privileged, I guess.  But is it really worth it to turn protection of your particular religion into a hammer for beating people who don’t agree with you into submission?  I think not.

And for you Duma, two she-bears as a reminder that behaving badly in the name of religion is still behaving badly.


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